Hi, I’m Phil Dignum

I'm a Midlands-based location photographer and designer, specialising in recording special events in a realistic and informal style. It’s about documenting and telling the unique story of your special day, event or portrait shoot moment by moment.

It's all about authentic and genuine moments for me. I believe the important moments and memories are not staged or created, they naturally unfold. Whist photographing a wedding or event I'm constantly watching, looking for those moments, real and spontaneous.

My style is candid and genuine, it's not about recreating photos seen at others' weddings and events, but about capturing the uniqueness of the people and relationships in front of my cameras. If you're looking for a photographer to capture and document your wedding or event as naturally without asking people to pose or smile, or you'd like a relaxed lifestyle portrait shoot to photograph the individuality of those involved; then I'm your guy.

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